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2016 Archives: Commodore's Log / Meeting Minutes

December 18, 2016 Sail and Meeting 

The meeting and sail was attended by 9 sailors with 7 Victorias 4 ODOMs and 1 US1M.  It was announced that there is a new club in the area, the Tucson Model Yacht Club with Kip North as Commodore and our own Vice Commodore, Bob Spraker as their Vice Commodore. They will be sailing at Reid Park Mondays and Wednesdays. Their website is 

Our awards luncheon will be at the Quail Creek Grill Saturday January 14 at 12:00 noon. Please rsvp to Steph asap so she can give the grill a head count. All spouses are invited. Steph handed out maps to the Grill. 

Club dues are due January 1, 2017. They are $20.00 for desert rats, and $10.00 for snow birds. 

We are looking for a photographer for photos and videos for the ODOM Region 5 Championship Regatta, February 11 &12. Let me know if you know anyone. They don’t have to be a sailor. We want to contribute to the AMYA facebook page: RC Sailors/. Check it out! 

We decided to change our first scored race for 2017 from Jan 1 to Jan 8. 

The winds came up during our meeting and we had good winds for racing, right down the windward-leeward course set up by Tim. We got in nine races for each class with one throw out. This day the throw outs changed the results of the races which rarely happens. Bob Spraker won the Victoria class as usual with Tim Johnson and Harvey Mickelsen tied in points for second. Tim got second because he had two firsts. Harvey Mickelsen and  Dan Paxton tied in points in the one meter class, but Dan won the class with his ODOM since he could throw out one more point.


December 4, 2016 Sail and Meeting 

The meeting and sail was attended by 13 sailors with 10 Victorias 5 ODOMs and 1 US1M.  The ODOM Region 5 Championship Regatta planned for February 11 & 12, 2017 was discussed.  Harvey showed the cap which will be given to all participants, sailors and workers.  This year’s  Annual  Awards Luncheon has been moved to Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 12:00 noon located at Quail Creek Fiesta Room in Green Valley.  The 2017 ODOM Region 5 Championship dinner will be held at there also at 6:00 PM on February 11. 

The winds were good and Tim set a long triangle course, and Stephanie Mickelsen kept score.  We were able to get in seven races for each class.  In the Victoria Class, Bob Spraker finished first and Jerry Robertson took second. Harvey Mickelsen took the US1M class with his ODOM and John Carlstrom came in second with his ODOM.


 November 20, 2016 Sail and Meeting

Harvey announced that The GVMYC Annual Awards Luncheon will be held on January 15, 2017.

Tthe 2017 ODOM Region 5 Championship Regatta  Director will be Mike Eades, one of the AMYA Region 5 Associate Directors. The regatta will be held on Feb 11 and 12. We will be sending out the NOR, asking for volunteers for mark judges, etc., and planning the lunches and dinner this week. 

The meeting and sail was attended by 8 sailors with 6 Victorias 3 ODOMs and 1 US1M. We were able to get in only five races for each class.  The wind started off as almost non-existent, and the Victorias had a drifting contest.  Bob Spraker finished first in four races and Jerry Robertson finished first in one.  The winds picked up a little for the One Meter races.  John Carlstrom came in first with two wins and Harvey Mickelsen came in second, also with two wins.


November 6, 2016 Sail and Meeting

The meeting and sail was attended by 8 sailors with 5 Victorias 4 ODOMs and 1 US1M. The ODOM Region 5 Regatta schedule was discussed, and Bob Spraker indicated he could be the Contest Director if it were to be held on Feb 11-12. Harvey will contact the Colorado sailors to see if they could come on that date.  As soon as the date is firm, Harvey will send out the Notice of Race. 

We were able to get in seven races for each class.  In the Victoria Class, Bob Spraker finished first with all bullets, except the last race which was led by Bob Buckley.  Bill Heitzman’s Victoria, freshly back from Davey Jones’ Locker was able to place 4th. 

The Paxton’s returned from Colorado, and Geri placed first with her ODOM with John Carlstrom close behind.


October 16, 2016 Meeting and Sail

We had 6 sailors with 3 Vics 3 ODOMs and 1 1Ms. Harvey reported on his progress to set up an ODOM Region 5 Championship Regatta. February 25-26 is the proposed date, and we might get about 10 sailors from California and Nevada. He hasn’t been able to contact the Colorado and Texas clubs yet.

 The weather was good and we got in 14 races. The winds started out nice, but then died, resulting in some tedious racing. Bob Spraker led the Victorias again, and Brad Donath led the 1Ms again, however both Harvey and Gary were able to score wins.  Harvey sailed “Babe” #54 ODOM.


October 9, 2016 Meeting and Sail

We had 11 sailors with 6 Vics 4 ODOMs and 2 1Ms. The results of the email survey were discussed, and it was decided to suspend practice sails next Summer, hold a 2 day ODOM Region 5 Regatta (With the Class Secretary’s permission), and hold a January Awards Luncheon only. We decided to have a club Victoria for spectators, and new members in a building mode, since Bill Heitzman volunteered to be the keeper of the boat (i. e. store it, bring it to the sails, and maintain it). Harvey will build the boat. 

I was very proud of our club and the way the members helped out the new sailors. People loaned batteries, binding plugs and even a receiver to the new sailors, helped them get their boats prepared, and provided tuning advice. Besides having fun, one of the main objectives of our club is to teach newcomers our sport. Well done!

 The weather was good and we got in 15 races. The winds varied from brisk to calm, making the racing interesting. Bob Spraker led the Victorias again, and Brad Donath led the 1Ms again.


September 18 Meeting and Sail

 The sail was attended by eight sailors with four Victorias and five US1Ms. Harvey announced a treasury balance of $183.63 after $191.76 was paid to renew our website hosting for two more years. We discussed some club options that will be put to a club e-mail vote soon.

The winds were very light, and the windward/leeward course was shortened after the first race. Even at that, we only got in 6 one lap races for the day. Bob Spraker won the Victoria races again, and Brad Donath won the US1M races again with his fast ODOM. Steph, not enjoying the light winds, let Bob Spraker take over her ODOM, Babe, for the last three races.


 September 4, 2016 Meeting and Sail   

The sail was attended by 6 sailors with 3 Victorias and 3 US1Ms. The winds were good and we got in 9 heats. Bob Spraker had a perfect score after throw outs in the Vic races. Brad Donath had a perfect score before throw outs with his ODOM!

Bob Prievo presented the club with a gift of name tags for all of the members. Thank you, Bob! Be sure to pick yours up at the next sail you attend.

Harvey covered several topics in the meeting. Fall Schedule:  Beginning on Sunday,October 2 we will switch over to the WEST side (north end) of the lake.  Start time will be 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM each Sunday of the month.  Our members decided that we hold two scored sails per month (the first and third Sundays).  The 2nd and 4th Sundays are practice sailing days.  We will start our sails at 1:00 PM through this coming Spring 2017 on the WEST side of the lake.

I have heard from Tim Guy who will be joining our club for approximately three months October thru December.  Tim is from the north part of the state of Washington and he is a big boat sailor but is also excited about getting involved with our club, sailing a Victoria.  Another GVMYC member, Gary Lee, from New Hampshire will be returning to the club later this month or early October.  Gary sails a Vic and an ODOM “Rosie”.  Two more members, Geri and Dan Paxton will be returning from Colorado around the end of October.  They sail ODOMs.

We have been invited to join in for a special event, Saturday, Sept. 10th, from 7AM to 12:00 PM on the lake by the Parks & Rec Dept., It’s a fishing/boat water event and we have been asked to participate with a booth and advertise our club. Bob Prievo voluntered to supply the table, awning and a banner. Harvey and Steph will bring boats and transmitters, a course board and rules display. Brad will bring his Seawind. Other club members are encouraged to help out. Let's try to expand the club.

Our Treasury balance for the club is $375.39.  We will have to pay out for a 2 year web hosting renewal fee of approximately $190 to $200 due by the end of September 2016.

Keep in mind our annual GVMYC Membership dues will be due by the end of December 2016.  We ask members to pay $20.00 each per year.

Members may order Club logo embroidery for hats or shirts from the “Embroidery For All Reasons Store” located in the Tucson Bowl Alley across the street from Hobby  Barn, 7020 E 21st Street, Tucson.  Phone 520-790-3693.  They sell shirts and hats as well.  Or bring your own shirt or hat and for $5.00 they will put the logo on.


August 21, 2016 Meeting and Sail

The sail was attended by two regular members, Harvey Mickelsen and Tim Johnson, and two new members, Vic skippers Steve Boyle and Bob Buckley who joined today. Since there were only two Victorias and one US1M, we could not hold any scored club races. Harvey was unable to send out the usual announcement due to moving to a new address (779 N Ivy Dale Lane, Sahuarita, AZ 85629), and not having his computer set up. That probably had something to do with the low attendance.

Harvey passed on the information received from the Victoria class secretary, Robert Bijvoet: The contact for new Victoria Kits is Andrew Wu, You can purchase a kit directly from him.

We decided to hold match races racing the two Victorias, with Steve, Bob, and Harvey taking turns trying to beat Tim. That was fun, and the new skippers showed that they will be competitive. After the races we had a long discussion on Vic building. Steve and Bob should have their boats ready by the time the snow birds return.


Aug 7, 2016 Sail and Meeting

The meeting and sail was attended by 5 sailors with 3 Victorias, 2 US1Ms, and 1 Soling. Stephen Boyle became a new member – he is building a Victoria from a kit he managed to get from Germany!  Harvey let him sail #22, and although he didn’t win any races, he showed good progress for a beginner.  John McFee showed up with his Soling, however he declined to join in racing with the one meters. Since there were only 2 US1Ms they did not have a scored sail. There was a lot of discussion about construction and some sailing instruction. Beginners are always welcome at our club.

The winds were light and we got in 6 races with the Vics, all with identical results: Bob Spraker first, Tim Johnson second, and Stephen Boyle third.  At that point we decided to just have some fun races with all of the sailboats participating and skippers switching boats.


July 24, 2016 Sail and Meeting

The meeting and sail was attended by 6 sailors with 4 Victorias 1 ODOM and 2 US1M.  Harvey shared a letter from Melissa Hinkle, event coordinator for the Town of Sahuarita, announcing a Sahuarita Lake event on Saturday, Sept. 10.  Harvey will contact her to find out what we can contribute.  It might be a good way to pick up some new members. The early morning started out with blustery winds, but by our 10:00 start time they were almost calm. They soon picked up, making for some good sailing.  We were able to get in 11 races for each class. Jerry Robertson squeezed by Bob Spraker to win the Victoria class, and Brad Donath squeezed by Harvey Mickelsen to win the US1M class.


July 10, 2016 Sail and Meeting

This sail was attended by 6 sailors with 3 Victorias, 2 ODOMs, and 2 US1Ms. We set up in the shade of a tree and were able to get in 12 races. Since we had so few boats we decided to race the two classes together with staggered starts. Since we have a minimum of 3 boats for a race and a minimum of 6 races to make an official scored race day, only the Victorias had a scored day.

After three throw outs Bob Spraker scored a perfect 9 to win the Vic competition. After 5 races and one throw out, Stephanie Mickelsen was only one point behind Brad Donath.

Photos were taken at the request of Kitty Bottemiller of the Green Valley Newspaper for possible inclusion in the 2017 Calendar Contest.

Harvey Mickelsen, Commodore 



June 5, 2016 Sail and Meeting

This sail was attended by 8 sailors with 5 Victorias, 2 ODOMs, and 2 US1Ms.A brief meeting was held and Harvey reported the treasury balance of $335.39. Harvey talked to HRP, the new Victoria USA distributer and learned that Vic kits will be available in July.

We braved excessive heat warnings and light winds to get in 6 Vic races and 5 One Meter races. Jerry Robertson showed his mastery of the light breezes to win the Victoria class over second place Bob Spraker by 3 points. Brad Donath won the one meter class beating Steph Mickelsen by 2 points. 

Harvey Mickelsen, Commodore 



May 1 2016 Meeting and Race

Eight Victorias one ODOM and two  US1Ms showed up to race and were greeted with cool temperatures and nice sailing conditions.  Harvey announced that the ODOM National Championship Regatta will be held in Colorado by the Harper Lake Model Yacht Club on September 16, 17, and 18, and that he has entry forms and info available for anyone interested.

After the first three Vic races the One Meters were called, but only two, Harvey and Stephanie Mickelsen launched boats, Bill Heitzman’s rudder having joined his Victoria at the bottom of the pond. Since we require at least three boats for a scored club race we had a family match race. Harvey led Stephanie who was being coached by Bob Spraker until the leeward mark where Harvey put his boat in irons and lost the race.

The Vics took over and Harvey had a sail servo failure, putting him on the sidelines with Bill. The Vics completed 12 races with Jerry Robertson and Bob Spraker battling for the lead. They finished one-two in eight of the twelve races! Bob eventually won by a single point.


April 17, 2016 Sail and Meeting

This Sunday’s sail was attended by eight sailors with four Vics, one US1M, and three ODOMs. The weather was pleasant and the winds were fair. A windward-leeward course was set and we were able to get in twelve races. Jim Bankson won the Victoria class handily. Brad Donath showed his daughter and her boyfriend how to win the US1M class with his ODOM.


March 20, 2016 Sail and Meeting

Harvey reported a treasury balance of $330.38 after the purchase of one year of Pond Owner Insurance. Website Domain Registration fee of $14.99 good till 7/4/2017, and web hosting renewal of $191.76 for two years will bring the balance down to $123.63. The line-up of officials for the regatta is complete.

It was decided to provide paper name tags for all regatta participants, instead of getting club magnetic name tags.

We experimented with the control area on the grass side of the sidewalk, but that didn’t work out well with the chairs and wagons. We then set the control area on the lake side of the sidewalk including only 2 feet of the sidewalk. This worked out better and still left most of the sidewalk for bikers, runners, etc. We will use this control area for the regatta, outlined with red duct tape.

We had 4 ODOMs, 2 US1Ms, and 5 Victorias today. The winds were nice at times, but very shifty early, and then they tapered off as predicted. We started off by sailing the two lap Olympic course, but when the winds diminished we reverted to the one lap triangle. We were only able to get in 5 heats by 3:00.

Jerry Robertson was victorious again with his Victoria, and Dan Paxton won the US1Ms with his fast ODOM.


March 6, 2016 Sail and Meeting

Whitecaps and breakers along the shoreline greeted the seven intrepid sailors as they approached Lake Sahuarita. Not really, however, the wind was officially reported as 15 mph at 1:00 PM and increased to 19 mph by 3:00 PM, with gusts above that. There was significant chop that made sailing the Vics like riding rocking horses, and sailing US1Ms like commanding submarines.

After three races for each class it was unanimously agreed that we were not having enough fun, and with the wind building up, we decided to call it quits. Bob Spraker was able to handle the conditions best with his Vic, and Brad Donath with his ODOM. The sailors who stayed home should be complemented on their wisdom. Since we did not sail a minimum of five races, this day will not be counted as part of the scored sail days.

The day did, however give us a calibration on the weather reporting station that we have on our website. In the future,  if the winds are reported above 15 mph (or predicted to be above 15 mph with the reported winds tracking the prediction), we will cancel our sail or practice. After all, our whole purpose is to have fun.


February 22, 2016 Sail and Meeting 

This sail was attended by 14 sailors with 8 Victorias, 4 ODOMs, and 2 US1Ms. We had two guests, Steve Loeher from Minnesota (Bob Spraker’s brother-in-law), and Ray Dagenais from the Mesa Model Yacht Club (South of Phoenix) who had a Venom US1M for sale. The meeting and sail was conducted by Bob Spraker since Harvey was down with the flu. Mark room was discussed before the racing.

There was plenty of wind, with gusts up to 15 mph or more. The day started with strong winds and gradually diminished, though still sufficient air to heel the boats over at days end. Bob Spraker started out strong and held on for the win in the Vic class. Jim Bankson and Jerry Robertson tied for second in points, but Jim got second by virtue of having three firsts. Steve Loeher had an excellent showing using Bob’s boat: this was only his second time racing radio controlled boats! 

The One Meter class was won by Ray Dagenais from Mesa using his Venom which was visibly much faster than the ODOMs. He may have been using his ‘A’ rig. Ray was not scored for club purposes. Brad Donath therefor won the One Meter class with his ODOM, though he was seriously contested by Dan Paxton who finished second and John Carlstrom who finished third. Jim Bankson tried out his new US1M, but was de-masted in the third race, and had some other maiden voyage problems.  Good work Jim!  

Bob Spraker  

Vice Commodore, GVMYC, AMYA #333


February 6, 2016 Sail and Meeting


The meeting and sail was attended by 10 sailors with 4 Victorias, 5 ODOMs, and 1 US1M. 

A passer-by offered the use of his rowboat to try to locate Bill Heitzman’s Victoria on the bottom of the lake. The effort was unsuccessful. Harvey received an email  with the sailing schedule for the San Diego Argonauts, and announced that they are holding an ODOM Regatta on April 16 and 17. 

Since Tim Johnson was involved with the boy scouts, Brad Donath brought the marks and timer. Since Debra Bankson was still enjoying her new granddaughter in Seattle, Dan Paxton scored the Victorias and Jim Bankson scored the US1Ms. 

We were greeted with some warmer weather and strong, but shifty, wind conditions which allowed us to get in 10 races for each class. We used a triangular course with no gates. The sailing was very competitive with all but one sailor recording at least one win.  Jerry Robertson took first place in the Victorias with 6 wins.  In the US1M’s Brad Donath was back and again showed us how to sail an ODOM.  Next Sunday, Valentine’s Day will be a day off so we can honor our sweethearts.  The next scored race day will be Sunday, February 21. 


January 17, 2016 Sail and Meeting 

The meeting and sail was attended by 11 sailors with 8 Victorias 3 ODOMs and 1 US1M. 

Chris Winters brought a pipe inspection scope which we will try to use to try to locate Bill Heitzman’s Victoria on the bottom of the lake. The paddle boat vendor offered the use of a boat for the effort.   

We were greeted with some very nice weather and wind conditions which allowed us to get in 10 races. We used a windward-leeward course with gates at both ends. The sailing was very competitive with ties for first place in both classes. Jerry Robertson edged out Bob Spraker for first place in the Victorias by virtue of having four firsts vs. Bob’s three.  In the US1M’s, Dan Paxton and Harvey ended up in a dead heat with 4 wins, 3 seconds, 1 third, and 2 fourths! 

Next weekend, January 24 will be a practice day, and January 31 will also be a practice day. The next scored race day will be February 7th.


January 3, 2016 Meeting and Sail 

The first 2016 sail was attended by 9 sailors with 5 Victorias, 3 ODOMs and 1 US1M. Racing and scoring will be the same as last year. 

People were reminded that next weeks practice sail will be replaced with the awards luncheon. The club treasury balance is now $300.38. Recent expenses have been $150.86 for trophy materials, $20.18 for GVMYC Domain renewal, and $10.98 for bouy maintenance. 

The temperature was in the 70s for a pleasant day of sailing. The racing started off with very light winds which finally built up later. We were able to get in 7 races for each class. Jerry Robertson won the Victoria class and Dan Paxton won the US1M class with an ODOM. 

Harvey Mickelsen
Commodore, GVMYC