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Commodore's Log / Meeting Minutes


July 1, 2018 Sail

Light winds brought a light turnout this weekend before the 4th of July holiday.  No official race results, but we had some fun/practice racing with a mixed class of 2 Vics, a Dragon Force 95 (Brad Donath) and a new DF65 (Robert Prevo).  We also welcomed a new member, Russ Schaeffer (and his wife Cheryl), who sailed the club Vic today, and is anxiously waiting on his new DF65 to be delivered. It looks like we have a new class forming. There were a few interested observers that got a chance to sail one of the boats as well.  We got to do a little light wind tuning, discuss the new Dragon Force class boats, tips for assembly and set up, and reminisce about previous careers, placed lived, and other hobbies. The next race will be July 15th, and we’ll discuss options for a July 29th fun (possibly long distance) race. 


June 24, 2018 Sail

It was another hot day with good winds from the southwest which made for some fast racing, and the ability to do some two-lappers. There were five ODOMs and 3 Victorias that braved the gusty breezes and wind shifts.  Chris Colby took the ODOM races today with his backup boat, with John, Brad, Harvey, and Bill chasing. Tim Johnson led the Vics today with Harvey, and Bill blowing in close behind. The next race will be coming up next weekend on July 1st

June 3, 2018 Sail

It was a hot day with shifting breezes from the northwest, but we had a good turnout and some good racing. There were five ODOMs, 4 Victorias.  Brad Donath won three of the ODOM races today with Chris, John, and Harvey each taking a bullet. Jerry Roberts led the Vics again with Tim, Harvey, and Bill chasing close behind.  The next race will be in two weeks on June 17th.  

May 20, 2018 Sail

The sun was shining bright and there was a nice breeze from the south to allow for some good racing. There were five ODOMs, 4 Victorias, and a Dragon Flight 95.  Chris Colby took the ODOMs handily while Jerry Roberts swept the Vics again.  Enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day holiday and racing will resume again on June 3rd.  


May 6, 2018 Sail

It was starting to get hot for the first race of the Summer Season, but we found some good shade at our favorite launch spot on the east side. While it was pretty light air and a little shifty early on, the winds finally filled in from the south to allow for some fun racing. We had a great turnout with five ODOMs, 4 Victorias, and a new Dragon Flight 95 for its maiden sail.  Harvey Mickelsen took the ODOMs over Chris Colby with his antique hull and new (reconditioned 584 sails) on “Babe”. Brad and John were chasing close behind. Jerry Robertson easily swept the Vics again over Tim, Harvey (with the club boat), and Gary. 


April 22, 2018 Sail

For the last race of the Winter Season, it turned out to be a great day to sail.  The weather was sunny and warm with nice breezes, which made for some good racing.  We had a great turnout before all the snowbirds return home to escape the desert heat.  There were six ODOMs and 4 Vics in attendance.  Dan Paxton took the ODOMs over Chris Colby by the narrowest of margin (after throw outs) on a very competitive day, where Brad and Geri were nipping at their heels.  Jerry Roberts led the Vics over Tim and Gary.  Next month we’ll start at 10 am on the other side of the lake.

Fair Winds and Following Seas to our winter friends.  See you again in the fall.   


April 8, 2018 Sail

Since the 1st Sunday of the month was Easter, the sails were rescheduled for the 2nd and 4th Sundays this month.  This sail was attended by 7 sailors with 3 Victorias and 4 ODOMs.  The winds were very squirrely, and the course was set up with gates at either end. The One Meter race was won by Rob Bergh, and Jerry Robertson won the Vic race. Bob Pearson was a big help officiating and scoring the races.  


March 18, 2018 Sail and Meeting

The sail was attended by 6 sailors with 3 Victorias, 2 ODOMs, and 1 Soling 1M.  The Soling was brought by Dan Abma from Michigan who sailed it with the ODOMs. The Vic race was official for scoring, however the 1M race was not with only 2 club ODOMS present.


March 4, 2018 Sail and Meeting

The sail was attended by 12 sailors with 6 Victorias, 8 ODOMs, and 1 US1M.  Bob Pearson brought his Vic project for some advice on servo installation. The weather was cool (70 deg) and there was a nice breeze. Jerry Robertson dominated the Vic fleet with all wins except for one race. He was followed by Harvey Mickelsen and Tim Johnson. Bob Pearson sailed the club Vic. Harvey retired his ODOM before the first race with a broken sail servo mount. Rob Bergh won the One Meter race followed by Chris Colby with his new ODOM and then Brad Donath.


February 18, 2018 Sail and Meeting

The sail was attended by 10 sailors with 6 Victorias, 6 ODOMs, and 2 US1Ms.  Bob Pearson was introduced as a new Vic sailor.  

Harvey noted the help from the Sahuarita Parks and Recreation Department, and from Dan Paxton and Rob Bergh in installing the club storage box by the boat house. Harvey announced that Rob Bergh will be the Vice Commodore, ODOM/US1M and Tim Johnson will be the Vice Commodore, Victoria. Each will have a key to the new club storage box and can conduct sails in addition to the regular club sails. Regular scored club sails will continue as usual. Rob Bergh announced that he will hold an ODOM sail next Sunday, February 25 at 1:00 PM.

The One Meter race was won by Rob Bergh. Geri Paxton came in second. They each had 2 firsts, 1 second, 1 third, and 1 fourth. Rob’s throw out was a fourth and Geri’s was a sixth. Dan Paxton came in third.

Jerry Robertson won all but the last Vic race. Harvey Mickelsen came in second in all but the last Vic race, and Gary Lee came in third in all of the Vic races.


February 11, 2018 Sail and Meeting

The sail was attended by 10 sailors with 5 Victorias, 6 ODOMs, and 2 US1Ms.  Harvey gave a short report on the club secure storage box project and asked for volunteers to help with the concrete pad Monday. Gary Lee was able to get a discount from Amazon for the box.  Rob Bergh and Dan Paxton will get the concrete and help the Sahuarita Parks carpenter, Mark make the pad.

 Bob Pearson practiced sailing the club Vic. He is building his own Vic and will soon join the club.

The One Meter race was won by Harvey Mickelsen with his US1M followed by Rob Bergh and Brad Donath with their ODOMs.  In the Vic races, Tim Johnson edged out Jerry Robertson when Jerry collected some weeds and fishing line on his keel.  Harvey came in a distant third.


 January 21,2018 Meeting and Sail

The sail was attended by 13 sailors with 8 ODOMS and 7 Victorias despite the cold temperatures.

Rob Bergh has revised the club website and figured out how to add pictures to the photo gallery. He is now our new Club Webmaster.

Harvey reported his meeting with the new Sahuarita Parks and Recreation Director, Anette Smejkal. She has been added to our club distribution list along with two of her workers. She gave tentative approval for a storage unit for our marks behind the boathouse.

A discussion of this option was held. There was concern over the security of the club equipment, especially our $100.00 start timer. Tim offered to continue using his garage for storage and provide access to other sailors. Harvey requested email input from the sailors as to what changes to our racing format would be desired if we had a storage unit, or if we could pick up the marks from Tim’s garage.

The winds were good and Tim set a long course with a wing mark. We had a guest, John Sheffield from southern France who sailed the club Victoria, and did quite well. Chris Colby won the ODOM competition with his new ODOM, with Bob Bergh in second, and Harvey Mickelsen in third. Jerry Rodertson dominated the Victoria races with 4 wins in 6 races. Harvey Mickelsen was second and Gary Lee was third.


January 7, 2018 Sail and Meeting

The sail was attended by 11 sailors with 5 Victorias, 8 ODOMs, and 2 US1Ms.  The one meter fleet was a sight to see! Harvey gave a financial report for the 2017 year:

Year End GVMYC Financial Report for 2017

  1. The ODOM Regatta bottom line is that with the cancellation, restart, and sailor dropouts, the club had a net loss of $14.89 after the AMYA stipend of $50.00 ($10.00 for each participant. We just met the minimum of 5 participants.)

Significant expenses for the regatta were:

ODOM Regatta caps                                       $146.61

Lunch expenses                                               $87.26

  1. The club treasury currently stands at $307.49 with about ½ of the 2018 dues paid.
  2. Significant expenses for the year were:

Pond Owner’s Insurance                                 $50.00

Club Victoria purchase                                   $156.00

Lead bulb for club Vic                                     $35.00

Club Vic sail servo                                           $55.00

Website host fee (In Motion)                          $20.00

Award materials                                             $20.00

  1. The club received a lot of contributions from members:

Website initial costs from the Winters

Club banners from Robert

Award production from Robert and Harvey

New marks and reels from Tim

Club Vic transmitter, receiver, rudder servo, sail and build from Harvey

New motor and controller for barge from Harvey

  1. Future costs include web hosting cost of $191.76 renewal fee for two years due 9/30/18.

Two spectators were invited to sail boats. One sailed the club Vic and one sailed Dan’s ODOM. Both expressed interest in joining the club. The winds were light again, and we only got 5 races in for each class. Tim Johnson won the Vic races with all first places, followed by Harvey Mickelsen and Gary Lee. Rob Bergh returned from the snow country and handily won the one meter competition with his ODOM. Harvey Mickelsen placed second with his US1M Followed closely by Stephanie Mickelsen’s ODOM with some aid from Tim Johnson.

Full race results are under the 2017 race results tab until we can update the website structure.



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