Green Valley Model Yacht Club

Commodore's Log / Meeting Minutes


February 3, 2019

The weather was cool, wet, and windy so most of the fleet did the smart thing and stayed home. A few of us (crazy folk) braved the foul weather and got in some good practice racing before the SnoozeBowl.  Since there really wasn’t enough boats in each class (with the same sails) for an official scored race, we just kept score for fun and worked on tuning and techniques.  We had 7 boats and got in 7 races.  Rob B. (DF95 with 6 pts) led the first six races and sat out the last one, followed by Tim J. (Vic with 12 pts), John Sheffield (DF65 with 15 pts), Russ S. (DF65 with 26 pts), Gary B. (DF65 with 27 pts), Rob D. (Vic with 28 pts), and Mike V. (DF65 with 38 pts) after throw-outs.  Rob is planning another practice sail on Sunday Feb 10th at noon for anyone who is interested. The next race will be in two weeks, on Feb 17th from 1:00-3:00 on the North-West end of the lake. 

January 20, 2019

The weather was a beautiful today, sunny, warm (in the mid 70’s), and the winds were pretty light at first, but built up throughout the day.  There was a great turnout which made for some good racing and a little bumping and banging with the larger fleets.  We had 9 boats racing in the ODOM/US1M/DF95 fleet today and got in 6 races.  Chris led the ODOM/1M class (with 9 pts), followed by Tim (11 pts), Geri (13 pts), Dan (22 pts), John (23 pts), Bill (25 pts), and Robert (27 pts) after throw-outs.  The DF95s were scored separately, and Brad led the DF95s (with 5 pts) followed by Rob B. (with 10 pts).  During the second session, we got in 9 races with the small boats, with 8 Vics and 3 DF65s.  Jerry led the Vics (with 14 pts), followed by Tim (16 pts), Bob S. (21 pts), Earl (with 34 pts, Chuck (with 40 pts), Rob D. (with 47 pts), Bill (48 pts), and Robert (with 50 pts). The DF65s were scored separately, and were led by John Sheffield (a visitor from GBR with 10 pts), followed by Gary B. (with 14 pts), and new member Mike Vega (with 21 pts).  The next race will be in two weeks, on Feb 3rd from 1:00-3:00 on the North-West end of the lake. 

January 6, 2019 Sail

The weather was not very cooperative today, although the rain did let up for a few hours.  Only a handful of members braved the cold, wet weather to come out and sail.  There were some decent winds, but not enough boats in any class to make an official race.  We had a new member, Mike Vega join us with his new DF65, and was able to get some valuable stick time in, as well as some tuning adjustments.  The next race will be in two weeks, on Jan 20th from 1:00-3:00 on the North-West end of the lake.  

January 13, 2019 Awards Luncheon

Membership - Currently stands at 21 sailors

Year End GVMYC Financial Report for 2018

Significant expenses for the year were:

   Boat Box and Concrete                                  $187.35

   Website fees (In Motion)                                $206.75

Income from Dues (2018/2019)                        $635.00

        Year End Balance                                     $508.39


The club received contributions from members:

      Award production from Robert

Future costs include web hosting cost of $14.99 annually.


Full race results are under the 2018 race results tab.

2019 GVMYC Sailing Schedule (weather permitted)

 January 6th and 20th (1:00-4:00PM)

February 3rd and 17th (1:00-4:00PM)

March 3rd and 17th (St Patrick’s Day), 31st fun sail? (1:00-4:00PM)

April 7th and 28th, Easter Sunday on Apr 21st (1:00-4:00PM)

May 5th and 19th, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s day on May 12th (10:00-12:00AM)

June 2nd and 23rd, Father’s day on June 16th (10:00-12:00AM)

July 7th and 21st (10:00-12:00AM)

August 4th and 18th (10:00-12:00AM)

September 8th and 22nd, Labor Day on Sept 1st (10:00-12:00AM)

October 6th and 20th (1:00-4:00PM)

November 3rd and 17th (1:00-4:00PM)

December 1st and 15th, 22nd Holiday Lights Sail (1:00-4:00PM)



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